Exotic Bamboo Flooring, Standards

When considering all options for the flooring of your new home, your commercial space or your refurb, bamboo flooring may very well be on your list. Bamboo flooring now comes in many different colours. The original, cheapest and most popular are natural and carbonised.

Standard bamboo flooring is less costly than the stained and exotic colours. The beautiful natural colour is perfect for your home if you like that real, untouched colour of bamboo.
Carbonised bamboo flooring, on the other hand, demonstrates a rich, dark colour which can make a room shine with elegance. The darkness of the flooring means that dirt and dust do not show as easily and there is greater flexibility when it comes to decorating or redecorating.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, the range of flooring options available at Kawana Flooring Warehouse will ensure that all your flooring needs are met. We also carry a range of stained and exotic bamboo flooring, which will provide the long lasting floor you require and offer you a broader choice of colours.

If you’ve made the decision to consider a bamboo flooring, then look no further than Kawana Flooring Warehouse, where we stock a range that is sure to satisfy your needs. Located on the Sunshine Coast, our team are ready to assist and advise you on all your flooring needs.