To blind or not to blind? Your decisions will often be based on a combination of practicality, preference and budget.

Window furnishing is not only simply for protection and privacy, it also adds style and pizazz to your home or office. One of the biggest challenges outside of deciding on the style of flooring you will install is what treatment your windows will receive. You will find that some rooms have different requirements. Your bathroom and kitchen will require a lot of light and a window dressing that will cope with moisture and steam. Bedrooms will require privacy and the ability to let light in or keep as much light as possible out. Living rooms and lounge rooms may require blinds that will reflect your style and help create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. If you are looking at blinds for your office space there are many points to take into consideration also.

Blinds are available in a wide range of styles and designs, from contemporary to luxurious through to cosy. Creating your desired ambiance and still maintaining the privacy and practicality you require can all be achieved at Kawana Flooring Warehouse. We are currently offering a wide range of products including aluminium and timber venetians, panel glides, roller blinds and verticals.

There are so many styles of blinds these days that choosing the right one for your home or commercial place can seem a monumental task. However, we at Kawana Flooring Warehouse have the knowledge and expertise to help you smoothly through the process. Think about how much light and privacy you require. Do you want a light and airy feel or a warmer, cosier feel to your room? Will you require different style blinds for different rooms or is it for an office and uniformity is the go? Which direction does the sun come from and are you fitting just one room or the entire house or commercial space?

Wider panel blinds give an illusion of space, whilst vertical blinds work well for larger long windows. It’s all about choice and variety these days therefore important to be able to navigate the vast array of choices available to you at Kawana Flooring Warehouse. Blinds are fabulously adjustable, allowing you to keep light out, let it in only a little or allow full light to stream in. There is such a variety of styles and colours available that you can be guaranteed there will be one perfect for you, knowing that they will have an immediate, positive impact on your home, office or commercial premises.

Because blinds are not something you buy frequently, we recommend that you think long term, choosing the right blinds for you that will last for years.