Artificial Turf

Be it for commercial or domestic home applications, artificial turf, or synthetic grass, is a product that has a broad range of applications, from golf courses to small pool areas where you would like some lawn but it is difficult for grass to grow. The thing to remember is that real grass constantly grows and changes whilst artificial turf stays static. This can cause high traffic areas to eventually show signs of wear and tear.

Here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse our expert team can advise you on whether or not you will require infill to increase the longevity of your artificial turf and keep the signs of wear and tear at bay. Infill can be either rubber granules, ground rubber or synthetic sand. Sand filler is inexpensive, easily obtained and simple to install whilst rubber fillers are one way to use up recycled tyres, bulked up with other fillers that increase cushioning and stability.

Whilst infill is not necessary it becomes a personal decision based on your budget, the type of and placement location of artificial turf you choose. Also the wear and tear you anticipate. For commercial applications synthetic turf generally pays for itself over a two to five year period, with low maintenance and no pesticides needed. Disadvantages to consider are that windows that are brightly reflective can act as a magnifying glass on your turf and may cause it to melt.

Synthetic turf also becomes very hot in our Sunshine Coast warmer months, however this can be rectified by a light hose down. Here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse, we understand the process of choosing, installing and maintaining your artificial turf and are here to advise you. Which one is right for you? Which one will do the job you expect? Is it for a small domestic application, or a larger commercial application?

We have the answers right here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse.