Carpet Tiles

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Carpet tiles or carpet squares are an alternative to traditional carpet. Much easier for a do-it-yourself install, carpet tiles do also have their own unique pros and cons. Whilst once more commonly used in commercial applications, carpet tiles are becoming more and more popular in domestic spaces due in part to their sizing options and relative ease of installation.
Carpet tiles come in many and varied sizes, fibre types, pile styles and offer backing options as well, such as vinyl, fibre glass, woven polypropylene and more. A quality backing system is very important for carpet tiles, providing stability and resistance to moisture.

There is more to just colour and style when choosing a carpet tile. Do you want to create a pattern? Will the size of the tile alter how you envision your room will look and what type of manufacturer's warranty is available to protect your tiles against possible shrinking, buckling or curling. The benefits of carpet tiles include easier installation, ability to install over an assortment of floor types including wood and tile, easier cleaning and care, design freedom and enhanced stain resistance for families with young children, pets or very high traffic areas.

There are also, as with all flooring types, disadvantages which include more visible seams, which can appear uneven without careful installation. Carpet tiles can be more expensive that wall to wall carpet.

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