Commercial Carpets

Kawana Flooring Warehouse on the Sunshine Coast offer a large selection of commercial carpets suitable for differing applications and requirements. If you have a commercial area requiring floor coverings, consulting a professional carpet supplier and installer like the team at Kawana Flooring Warehouse is a good way to help increase your functionality and profit. However we also offer advice to help you understand the basics of carpet selection as well. Are you choosing flooring for an office, a retail store hospitality area or something specifically unique such as an outdoor wet area or even a boat. Once you have discussed you specific flooring requirements with our expert and knowledgeable staff, will you still choose carpet or will you also consider the benefits of tiles or hard flooring.

Initially we would help you consider the uniqueness of your commercial application such as expected foot traffic, your budget, replacement cost and the style you are seeking. Which is the most important to you and which is the most practical?

Think about foot traffic versus your budget, against replacement cost and style: work out how much foot traffic you will expect. Quality of commercial carpet will ensure longevity but this in turn needs to be balanced against your budget. With our expert knowledge we can help you work out how long you want your carpet to last and determine your budget accordingly. Do you budget to upgrade commercial carpet quality now or do you budget to replace later? What will replacement cost be further down the track and how much work will that involve, including moving furniture, fittings and estimated down time.

The most common commercial carpet fibres are wool and polypropylene with constructions of loop-pile or carpet tile. Polypropylene is the great budget choice! It stands up well to midrange commercial foot traffic with a lower up front cost, however wool carpet is the best carpet fibre for foot traffic and durability. Whilst more expensive you will find your best price at Kawana Flooring Warehouse.