Cut Pile Carpets

Here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse we offer the best service, sales, carpet advice and price. Carpet and flooring installation can be tricky, which is why Kawana Flooring Warehouse offer a free measure and quote and in-home selection service.

But first, you must decide which carpet is most suitable for your floor area. Cut-pile carpet may be a type of carpet flooring your are considering. Cup Pile carpets have a more luxurious and formally lavish look than Loop Pile carpets. Amongst the various types our team can advise you on are Cut Pile Plush which is also known as Velvet or Velour Carpet or Cut Pile Twist, which has a smooth textured finish and very luxurious feel. Shag Pile or "Frieze" Carpet has a long pile which provides a deep durable texture and whilst it feels beautifully luxurious it is less formal than the Velvet or Velour Carpet.

With Cut and Loop pile carpets being the two main styles to choose from, it can be daunting as you research, to be overwhelmed with names such as freeze, Berber, plush and more. Cut Pile carpet is a major category of carpet style. Most other carpet names are simply sub categories of the main and their names generally signify who they are made by. Every carpet is looped or cut, but some carpets have other unique qualities which may or may not benefit your flooring space, traffic areas and the design look you wish to achieve.

Cut Pile carpet is most commonly used in domestic homes. Some carpets have both cut and loop sections which can give some very unique pattern effects, although they are not generally suitable if you have young children and or pets. A carpet style, such as loop or cut pile does not necessarily tell you how good a quality carpet it is or how durable it will be.

Here on the Sunshine Coast, the family team at Kawana Flooring Warehouse can advise, suggest and put together a total flooring installation quote for you.