Nylon Carpets

Shopping for carpet is an important adventure!

There are pros and cons to every type of carpet and carpet fibre and therefore wise choices must be made. There's a lot to consider when making your carpet decisions, and we at Kawana Flooring Warehouse are here to share our knowledge and expertise with you. As flooring specialists we can help you make an informed but decorative choice that will meet your budget. Nylon and Solution Dyed Nylon carpet is one of the top four popular carpet fibre choices.

Nylon and Solution Dyed Nylon is the happiest of mediums, good durability, nice and soft, and wont cost the earth. Nylon is also very easy to clean, and has a very large colour bank to choose from. A great option for bedrooms and living areas.

The difference between Nylon and Solution Dyed Nylon is the dying process. Solution Dyed products are dyed while the yarn is still in a liquid form. Conventional Nylon is constructed into carpet, and then put through its dying process. There are many other factors that are relevant to Nylon carpets, so come in and speak with on of our experienced sales team so we can educate you further. Don't shop blindly, come and see the local guys who have been servicing the Sunshine Coast since 1990.