Poly Carpets

What do you choose when considering new or replacement carpet? Choosing the right carpet for your specific needs is so important and this is why we at Kawana Flooring Warehouse have made ourselves the specialists in the business. So that we can best advise you, taking into consideration your location, the specifics of your particular home or commercial premises and your budget.

Wool, nylon and polypropylene all have their rightful place in the market, but it is important to be fully informed on the different characteristics of each carpet fibre.

How your carpet looks and performs is determined by the fibre content of the carpet. Polypropylene is a great family friendly fibre which generally costs less and can be a perfect choice when sticky fingers and cordial spills are a daily fact of life. Polypropylene carpet is also a good option to consider for your family and or living room areas. As a cost effective option, polypropylene carpet is easy to clean, very stain resistant, and has good colour fastness properties. Whilst not as durable as a nylon or wool, polypropylene carpet is water resistant and discourages mildew and mould.

On the down side, it can be difficult to keep clean as it does attract dirt, something to think about when making your flooring decisions. It's quite resistant to water based stains but does not perform as well with oil based stains. Darker colours are best when considering polypropylene carpet.

Come in to Kawana Furniture Warehouse right here on the Sunshine Coast and let us guide you through the process of choosing the perfect carpet for your needs.