Wool Carpets

Wall to wall carpet is still one of the most popular choices of floor covering in your home, with its ability to enhance the look of your living space. But what type of carpet to choose?

Let's look at wool carpet! Kawana Flooring Warehouse stock many types of wool carpet and are ready and able to answer all your questions on the pros and cons of wool carpet.
Wool carpet is strong. Really strong! But at the same time can be beautiful underfoot. This is that fibre that synthetic fibres most seek to imitate. Wool carpet is more expensive, but if it suits your needs it can be well worth it. Wool is resilient, naturally stain resistant and flame retardant.

For home decorators, wool carpet has always been a popular choice. As a natural fibre, it is resistant to both moisture and mould. Wool wears well, is highly durable and depending on your budget, may be the perfect choice for you.

Wool was always been, and will continue to be a very popular choice with consumers, especially in traffic areas and on stairs. If you prefer to surround yourself with all things natural, and keep your home as unprocessed as possible, then wool carpet would be a great choice for you. Wool is also the most sensible choice in commercial buildings. Almost all wool carpet is fire-rated, and will last the longest of any of the carpet fibres.

There is a lot to consider if you're thinking of Wool carpets for your home. It is a natural, durable option and as with all home decoration, subject to personal choice, budget and so much more.