One of the excellent services offered to you by Kawana Flooring Warehouse is our carpet overlocking service. Carpet overlocking / carpet edging creates a neat seam or edge around a carpet offcut, not only making the edges look neat but also providing an instant ready made floor mat. Floor mats in doorways trap dirt and grit that would otherwise be walked into your new carpet. Using mats in doorways and entries dramatically increase the life-span of your carpet.

Cant find a rug that suits you needs? We can make you a completely custom size floor rug out of carpet. You tell us the exact size, find a carpet that suits your décor, and we make it happen. Rugs can decrease echo's and sound bouncing around a room, and having a rug fit perfectly into a room is a huge advantage.
Carpet overlocking and rug production is done on sight at Kawana Flooring Warehouse, not out-sourced to a third party elsewhere. So if you're on the Sunshine Coast and need some overlocking done, let the locals take care of it for you.