Kawana Flooring Warehouse offers an outstanding selection of flooring products at heavily discounted prices for both residential and commercial applications. We also offer a number of specialised in-house services such as carpet overlocking and custom size floor rugs.

When designing your new home or redecorating your existing home, a rug can be the focal point of an entire room or a subtle touch to your existing flooring. Commercial premises too, can benefit from the exotic or warm touch of a rug as a focal point or floor filler. An area rug defines a grouping of furniture or can help crate flow from one room to another. They enhance your décor and define space and help create functional zones.

Because we can offer you a custom rug, this means that you are not as restricted in size and shape as you would be buying a rug off the wall, so to speak. We can create a custom size rug specifically for you. Custom rugs will absorb sound and protect a more delicate floor area, such as timber flooring. Kawana Flooring Warehouse, your one stop carpet and flooring shop.