Timber Flooring


What flooring should you choose for your home? How different are the flooring choices between domestic usage and commercial flooring requirements? How do you arrive at a decision? Should you choose laminate or vinyl flooring, carpet, marine carpet, bamboo flooring or hardwood flooring? How on earth will you make an informed choice that will both meet your budget and your usage requirements?
Solve your dilemma by visiting Kawana Flooring Warehouse, Sunshine Coast, where we not only stock a vast array of divergent flooring options but also offer our expert knowledge and experience to assist you in making the right decision for your needs, your style and your budget.

Your flooring should be one of the first things you decide on when building or renovating. When deciding on your flooring, consider your lifestyle or the various aspects of your business if you are looking at commercial flooring.

Timber flooring is traditional and has been used for centuries, offering a high end look that works beautifully with most design styles.

There are so many varieties of hardwood flooring, with different finishes and stain colours available.

Some points to consider if you are thinking about decorating your home with hardwood timber floors: choose a timber species that will withstand the type of foot traffic you anticipate in the area you are planning. Discuss with the team at Kawana Flooring Warehouse, the terms and conditions, warranty information and learn about the timber you are choosing. Consider the layout of your home when choosing your flooring, be it timber, carpet or any of the large flooring choices we have here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse. Other important points to consider if purchasing or considering the purchase of hardwood flooring: don’t lay this flooring near or in areas that will be subject to lots of moisture, such as bathrooms and in some cases, kitchens. We don’t recommend wearing high heels or such on some hardwood floors or setting our furniture without placing protectors beneath table and chair legs and so on.

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and keep clean as long as you are aware of the do’s and don’ts that apply to caring for timber floors. We are very happy to educate you on what cleaning products to use and which ones to stay away from.

Timber flooring comes in one strip, two strip or three strip designs. There are solid or engineered panels to choose from, however not all timber is available in both types. Engineered panels, whilst more resilient overall, are only available with some timber species. There are solid timber floors, floating floors, parquetry and hardwood floors to choose from and Kawana Flooring Warehouse is here to help you make your decision. Back in the day, most timber floors were predominantly pine, however most new Australian flooring timber is hardwood, due to its stronger resistance to indentations. Timber flooring comes in various grades and colours. The grade results from the visible natural features particular to each wood and the colours tend to range from blonde woods such as Tasmanian oak, blackbutt or alpine ash through to darker browns like turpentine and brushbox. And of course, there are the beautiful red timbers like Jarrah, to consider.

Timber flooring is stunningly beautiful and well worth the investment as long as you know the do’s and don’ts. Let us help you make an informed choice when it comes to the flooring of your personal space.
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