Commercial Vinyl

How to choose the best flooring for your commercial premises? What do you need to know, consider, factor in. What is your budget and type of business/ What sort of look and décor are you aiming for? Do you have structural requirements or added safety requirements? There are so many factors to think about and plan for that it can become quite challenging.

Simplify your decisions by visiting the team at Kawana Flooring Warehouse, where our large range of commercial vinyl flooring coupled with our expert knowledge will smooth your flooring journey. Talk to us about your needs and let us provide pricing on the right product for you. Our prices are competitive and sure to meet your budget, and our service and installation service is second to none.

You want your commercial flooring to create the ideal space for both clients and employees. Blend practicality and design whilst still meeting the needs of your budget, foot traffic, care and maintenance. Vinyl flooring is a very popular choice for commercial flooring and you want to make the best informed decision you are able to, given that this is a long term investment. You want your flooring to last. Vinyl floors provide long lasting performance and are very resilient and relatively low maintenance. Best of all, you are not restricted to a few dark and dingy colour options. Vinyl flooring is stylish and comes in a multitude of different colours and designs.

Kawana Flooring Warehouse, Sunshine Coast, are your vinyl flooring specialists.