Vinyl 5mm Planks

All your flooring decisions and indecisions may come to a grinding halt once you view the 5mm vinyl planks stocked at Kawana Flooring Warehouse. 5mm or Loose lay vinyl planking is a fast and very affordable flooring solution. If your budget is constrained (even if you have financial room to play) you may just stop at the 5mm section and go no further.

Why? Aside from the common popular reasons to choose vinyl flooring, being its durability, stain resistance, mould and mildew resistance, its perfection for damp areas and its versatility when it comes to colour choices, loose lay vinyl flooring has more to offer.

5mm or Looselay vinyl planking can be installed easier than traditional vinyl planking, which is normally around 3mm thick. The extra thickness creates a heavier plank, that can installed with a special spray-on adhesive. Don’t let this take away from the fact that it is a fantastic floor in its own right. With a little bit of preparation, we can even install 5mm planking directly over your tiles. Don't spend thousands of dollar jack-hammering up those horrible terracotta tiles, put that money towards installing planking over the top. Your eardrums will thank you, so will your feet
Also boasting commercial wear layers and up to 30 years domestic warranties, you can rest assured you're making a wise investment. Half of the staff here at Kawana Flooring Warehouse are living on the 5mm vinyl planking, and cant stop singing it praises.

5mm vinyl also comes in a tile or marble look. If timber isn't your cup of tea, all the advantages of 5mm or loose lay vinyl are still available to you. Super classy - the finished look of vinyl tile is minimal and creates a blank canvas for the interior designer in you.

If you're interested in DIY, this is definitely the floor for you. The spray on adhesive makes installation a breeze. Much quicker and easier than any click-together flooring.
There is a lot to see and talk about when considering 5mm or loose lay vinyl planking. Come in and see the team at Kawana Flooring Warehouse for the right advice, a massive selection, and even some training for those leaning towards DIY.