Vinyl Planks

Want the timber floor look without the cost or maintenance issues? Kawana Flooring Warehouse have a range of Vinyl Plank flooring that might be just what you're looking for.

Vinyl plank flooring has advantages over every other flooring option. Hardwood, or timber flooring is vulnerable to scratches, stains and dents and are hard work to preserve and maintain. Tiles are hard and cold underfoot, and don't even get me started on maintaining grout! Vinyl plank is cheaper, and better in every regard. There's literally no-where we cant put this product and promise great results. Commercial or domestic, vinyl plank is the practical solution.

Vinyl plank also boasts a huge colour range to select from. Natural tones like Spotted Gum and Blackbutt, white-wash, grey-wash, and even black vinyl planks! Another advantage is that most vinyl planks come with a commercial wear layer, this means they are tough enough to put in supermarkets! You have kids who like to spill food and drink? No problem! Pets who prefer to be inside? Let them in! You can stress less knowing you're living on a floor that is almost life-proof.

If you love the look of timber but want something more practical, this is the product for you. And you'll find the biggest range of vinyl planking on the Sunshine Coast at Kawana Flooring Warehouse.